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            Our advantage
            Service advantage
            Equipment is complete

            ☆ The company has the Ministry of security, the Ministry of mold division, according to the Department of business, power utilities and other departments of collaboration
            ☆ The company has SMT placement machine, reflow soldering, wave soldering, injection molding machine, such as automatic water and testing equipment
            ☆ The hardware structure engineer is responsible for the design and modification of the product appearance.
            ☆Products through the FCC, UL, 3C, CE, ROSH and other related certification.
            Products through the FCC, UL, 3C, CE, ROSH and other related certification

            ☆ Improve the hardware to protect the product development of a full range of industrial design

            Advertising support
            ☆ Dealers enjoy the corresponding domestic and foreign exhibition support
            ☆ Enjoy the advertising support for the treatment of the branch (the company's media advertising)
            ☆ Dealer free access to the site, network promotion related support
            ☆ Excellent dealer by the company to become the ultimate partner in the region
            Professional service support
            ☆ Provide a full set of technical training and after-sales service of the security alarm system
            ☆ Provide free multi store location, decoration, staff training and other after-sales support
            ☆ Free of charge to provide the project construction scheme and the intention of the tender
            ☆ Enjoy the preferential purchase right of new developing products in each quarter
            ☆ Quarterly sales dealers enjoy the rebate policy
            R & D Strength

            ☆ The engineer is responsible for the preparation of the software of the product, the agreement of the connection, the procedure changes
            ☆ZWAVE module and ZIGBEE module project research and development team
            ☆ Smart home project development team
            ☆Civil security products DIY project research and development team

            ☆ Anti theft alarm and domestic IPC project development team